Icon Packs

Here you can find several icon packs (file icon collections) to use in Nomad.NET manager. When icon pack is used as icon provider it is override default icons with icons defined in the pack itself.

To install icon pack:

  • download .zip file with preferred pack,
  • extract *.iconpack file to the [Nomad.NET Application Folder]\IconPack folder,
  • then go to the Options dialog, Appearance tab, Icons block and select previously extracted icon pack name in the Icon provider combo box.

Icon packs created by me:

Tango Icon-Pack

based on icons from Tango Desktop Project. This project (Tango) was make to help create a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source software. This icon-pack is my favorite one, because it is stylish, solid and contains icons of exceptional quality. 41 icons.

Download: pack | source

Gnome Icon-Pack

based on icons from Gnome Icon Theme. Another high quality icon pack that come from Linux world. 39 icons.

Download: pack | source

Glaze Icon-Pack

based on icons from Glaze Icons by Mart. 55 icons.

Download: pack | source

Tulliana Icon-Pack

based on icons from Tulliana 2 Icons by Umut Pulat. 64 icons.

Download: pack | source

Win2k Icon-Pack

based on icons from Microsoft Windows 2000. 31 icons.

Download: pack | source

VisualPharm Icon-Pack

based on icons from VisualPharm. 13 icons.

Download: pack | source