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Nomad needs your help

posted Feb 22, 2011, 7:18 AM by E S   [ updated Feb 22, 2011, 4:55 PM ]

Nomad is not very known on the internet, at least in comparison to direct competitors. And I still receive mails like: "Today is the first day when I hear about Nomad and I like it, thank you.". Without questions Nomad popularity were constantly grow in time, but slowly. And I need you, my fellow users, to improve that. Please, if you like Nomad, promote it among your friends, write posts, comment and messages about it blogs, post it to the soft catalogs and do any other things to make Nomad more known and popular.

Second. Translators needed! Right now Nomad was translated to 6 languages (3 translations was made by me) and that is not enough. Actually I know about at least 5 started translations (just checked mail archives this is Polish, Italian, French, Spanish and Czech), but seems that people who communicated with me was frozen their efforts (I think so because I did not receive any mails from them for more than 6 months).

Yes I know that translating Nomad can be time consuming task, because in contrast to many others Nomad have many strings to localize, and info-tips translation is also a bit of pain. But in exchange you can create almost flawless interface on your native language (or not native) for Nomad that simply looks first class citizen (this is because all elements in dialogs is auto-sized, so no more truncated string, and support for plural forms adding a polishing to translation). Believe me I've spent a lot of time to achieve this.

So if you want or think about translating Nomad onto your native language, or even have any ideas or questions, feel free to mail me.