I have no accurate roadmap as soon as the project is being made at my free time (and takes practically all this time). Current version is 3.0.5.x beta and right now it is very stable and have all planed features for the this version.

Below you find some sort of to-do list with features planned to implement, as well as features planned for older versions and already implemented. Detailed changelog can be found here.

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 Low 3.0.5 Better FTP folders handling (support for more server types and proxies). Maybe secure FTP support. 
 Normal 2.7.0 Improved Windows 7 support (Taskbar, stability) 
 Normal 2.7.0 Improved Windows Vista support (Restart Manager, Recovery Manager, Thumbnails, run-time elevation) 
 Normal 2.6.5 Improved toolbars support. Second toolbar, ability to customize toolbars at run-time, new toolbar commands, etc. 
 High 2.6.0 Full tabs support. 
 Normal 2.5.0 Ability to create new archives for primary formats 7-Zip, Zip, Tar. Wcx packing plug-ins support. 
 Normal 2.3.0 Ability to setup configuration files path (portable mode) 
 High 2.2.5 Basic image preview and maybe thumbnail mode. 
 Normal 2.2.0 Support for custom item properties (EXIF, IDv2, meta tags, etc). Display such properties and search in them. 
 Normal 2.0.0 External tools feature (ability to call other programs from Nomad.NET with various command line arguments). 
 Normal 2.0.0 Language translation (at this moment Russian and Belarusian translations exist). 
 High 2.7.0 Mass-rename 
 Normal 2.7.0 Improved support for properties (enhanced edit, more properties, etc) 
 Normal 2.7.0 Support for TC content plug-ins. 
 Very Low Help (very low priority, I have neither time, nor desire to do this). It is not a big deal for advanced users. As for novice ones, the application has a lot of hints and infotips with feature descriptions. 
Showing 15 items
E S,
Jun 15, 2016, 3:25 AM